Recover from pain or injury faster – and get back to your personal best

If you’re a pro or amateur sportsperson near Newport, South Wales, visit our cryotherapy studio where we’ll restore you to your optimum state through coaching and cooling therapies

Andrea Pugh CryoSport - Recovery

Sports Massage

For injury prevention

Reduces muscle tension
Improves circulation
Helps relax the body

Cryo Recovery

Get back from injury, faster

Stimulates the immune system
Reduces inflammation
Gets you quickly back to your best

Cryo Pain Management

Controlling aches and twinges

Reduces chronic pain
Improves sleep
Lifts your mood

Mental Strength Coaching

Become your personal best

Renews sense of purpose
Lowers stress levels
Builds self-confidence

Let’s start improving your flexibility straight away.

Here are some simple stretches you can do at home to help you move and feel better. A perfect warm up for a course of cryo treatment.

Who is Cryo Wellbeing?

Hi, I’m Andrea – and I trained in cryotherapy as soon as I saw it transform the life of a friend. Genuine! Her fibromyalgia meds were making her like a zombie – always drowsy, struggling to work, and still in constant pain. You couldn’t even hug her because her nerve endings were so sensitive.

It all changed after a course of cryotherapy. Suddenly she was thinking straight, reducing her meds, and exercising again – and yes, now she could hug her friends at last!

I was amazed and saw a chance to help others, especially friends who’d been side-lined by injury from their favourite sport.

I retrained. Kitted out a new studio. Explored other treatments like sports massage therapy. And now I’m helping local sports people – professionals and amateurs – to be the best they can be, through these amazing cooling therapies.

It’s all centred on 4 pillars of support: recovery, pain management, prevention and coaching. I’m working with local sports clubs, from cycling to rugby and more. And nothing will ever beat the feeling I get when I see a client getting back to their personal best.

What is Cryotherapy anyway?”

Local cryotherapy applies cold air to targeted parts of your body. And cold means really cold. It’s -162° c! Don’t worry though, it doesn’t feel that cold…and the rest of your body stays warm.

Sports physios use it a as a tool for injury prevention and recovery, and for mental health benefits like improving sleep and treating mood disorders.

When the cold air penetrates the skin, your thermoreceptors send electrical impulses to the brain. This activates your body’s natural defences:

  • Blood vessels contract in the skin’s surface and muscle tissue around the treated area
  • This forces the blood into the core of the body, to protect vital organs
    As more blood flows through the body’s natural filtration system, more toxins and inflammatory properties are removed
  • After treatment, as the body starts to warm up, the blood cells expand, causing blood to flow back to the targeted area – coming back enriched with more oxygen nutrients and enzymes, which increase the body’s natural healing ability

What improvements are you looking for?

Prevent injury

If you suffer from tight muscles after exercise – or from sitting in an awkward position – a deep tissue sports massage will help restore flexibility and allow you to move more freely.

This therapy gives you more flexibility, by using various massage techniques to manage and manipulate your body’s soft tissues.

Get back from injury faster

If you’re suffering from a painful injury or nagging back pain, Cryo Recovery will help restore your body’s natural tissues and get you on the road to full fitness.

This cold treatment, along with sports massage, will help reduce inflammation and swelling – reducing your pain and quickly returning you to action.

Control my pain

If an injury or condition has left you with nagging or debilitating pain, Cryo Pain Management can help to reduce your suffering and improve your wellbeing.

This is a popular use of Cryotherapy that’s proven to restore quality of life.

Become my personal best

If you’re disappointed with your performance and know you can do better – Mental Strength Coaching can help you raise your game.

This forward-looking therapy will help you improve your fitness, reach your goals or stay focused through injury.